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Why do people love cake?
Cakes have become the most popular and recognized ritual in modern society. Nearly every culture has serves cake at weddings, birthdays and anniversaries, because these traditions stem from much older rituals in human history. It was not until the industrial revolution that refrigeration was readily available. With the availability of cold food storage, many rituals that once involved breaking bread have been replaced with cutting cakes.

Today cakes are most widely used for weddings
, birthdays or anniversary celebrations.
Wedding cakes are one of the oldest traditional uses of food in human rituals and celebrations. In ancient Rome, new brides would have bread broken over their heads to invoke good fortune and fertility. This ritual evolved in later European history, when cakes would be stacked until they were as tall as the bride to be. Over time cake decoration became more elaborate, until it evolved into a high culinary art form.

Birthday cakes may predate wedding cakes. Many forms of paganism had rituals involving candles and also annual protection rituals for children. These ancient rites are probably the inspiration for using birthday cakes and candles to blow out. Birthday cakes come in many more flavors, colors and designs than other celebratory ritual cakes.
Anniversary cakes are primarily a product of modern culture. They are utilized in the same sense as wedding cakes, but celebrate annual celebrations symbolically similar to birthday cakes.

The fact is that people love cake. When people gather together, someone always brings cake.
No other food brings more laughter and fellowship in human beings. Maybe this is because celebration rituals have such deep meaning. Or maybe all human beings have a common love of eating something sweet. Whatever the reason, cakes have been part of human celebrations throughout history, and probably always will be.

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